Gmail Outlook Help

by James on December 25, 2013

You can easily access your features and mails of Outlook with Gmail. Make sure your IMAP access is enabled in your Gmail account. Log in to your Outlook account and go to menu option. From this menu option, choose Tools or account settings. Now, go to Email Tan and select New. After this, select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, HHTP and IMAP and hit the next button. Here, type your Gmail email address and name. But before this, make sure additional server type is marked and click next. Enter your Gmail password then go to outgoing server tab. Now, select advanced tab then SSL. After finishing it click on OK button.

Gmail Help iPhone

by James on December 24, 2013

With Gmail you can access your mails and voice calls on iPhone also. But getting started with Gmail on iPhone is different from accessing Gmail account on systems. You can receive and send mails, attachments and SMS with Gmail iPhone Apps. There are wide ranges of features that you get from iPhone including auto complete contact names, managing up to 5 accounts and so on. You can avail multiple account support and real time notifications. In order to sync your Google contacts, use CardDdav. With this, you are free to edit, remove, block add contacts to your iPhone device without and delay.

Gmail Help Phone Number

by James on December 23, 2013

If you wish to sort out your queries associated with Gmail then go to Gmail Help by Google support. There are times when you will face several problems. In order to contact Gmail for dealing with issues, visit Customer care support offers you help in various forms including forums, articles and online customer cell. Users have freedom to approach customer care through phone, online or by visiting Here, all sorts of queries will be sorted out there without wasting any fee. If you have any specific problems then post it to forums and get its answers by other Gmail users in forums. Help

by James on December 23, 2013

If you have any specific problem related with your Gmail account then go to help forum. This offers you online customer support through forums and cells. You can also make calls to them. Let it be any issues associated with your username, password, and account recovery. For posting a query, you are required to sign in with your Gmail account. If you have not registered yourself for Google Help then first register for it by entering your forum name and accepting terms and conditions offered by it now, click continue button. You can also connect Gmail account profile with this forum by clicking join this group.

Gmail Homepage Mail

by James on December 22, 2013

To reach out the homepage of Gmail, you d not have to do much. Simply, navigate to Gmail by entering in browser’s address bar. You will get a login page of Gmail. Just type your Gmail username and password in the field provided in the home page of Gmail and hit the blue colored sign in button. It takes only a few second to open inbox. After signing in, you have full liberty to use its mail box. Composing and sending mails are simple with Gmail. Besides this attach files, photos and video and share it with friends and colleagues anytime and anywhere.

Gmail Home Page Settings

by James on December 21, 2013

For making Gmail your home page, you need to make changes in settings. First of all, open any browser let it be Chrome, internet explorer and navigate to Gmail web address. You can reach Gmail by entering in the address bar. Now, there is a Toolbar available on the right side of the page. Click on it to open a drop down menu from which select Tools. If you have not marked General Tab then mark it. A box of home page will be there in the page where you have to type Apart from this, you can also choose use current page to make Gmail home page. After getting done, click on apply the OK.

Add Gmail to Home Page

by James on December 20, 2013

Do you wish to make Gmail your homepage? If your answer is yes then follow these three steps. Firstly, open any web browser let it be Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer and navigate to Gmail Website. Below the resource sections, choose Gmail. There is a Toolbar designed on the right side of the page which opens a drop down menu. Secondly, from this menu, select ‘Tools’. Now, mark on General Tab. Enter Gmail’s Web address in the homepage box provided or click on ‘use current’. After this, press apply button then OK to save changes. Lastly, close the browser and restart again to check Gmail as your home page.

Make Gmail Home Page

by James on December 20, 2013

Making Gmail as home page is quiet easy. For this, follow these simple steps. Open internet explorer or any other browser and navigate to Gmail webpage. Click on Gmail option under resource. Now, from Toolbar available on the right hand side, select ‘Tools’ drop down menu. After this, select general Tab if it is not already selected. You could see a home page box. Now, in this box type Gmail Web addresses. You can also click on ‘Use Current Page’. After making these modifications, click on apply. To saves these changes hit the ‘OK’ button. After closing the browser, restart it to check that Gmail is your homepage now.

Gmail Web Pages

by James on December 19, 2013

Google has offered a service with which you can make free web pages with Gmail. For doing so, all you need is internet and a Gmail account. If you already have a Gmail account then go to Google sites sign up page. Now, name your site whatever you wish to keep. URL will look like Choose a theme and description for your new website. You can keep it public or private depending on your requirement. After completing these steps, click on ‘create’. Finally, you are done with your own web site. Now last step is to click ‘pencil’ button to enter edit mode and create your web pages. Google Voice

by James on December 18, 2013

Making calls with Google is extremely simple and takes only a few minute to set up a call. With this feature, you have got liberty to call on landlines and mobile numbers. To make call using your Gmail, you need to perform following steps. Firstly, sign in to your Gmail account by entering Gmail username and password. After getting logged in, go to your chat list. Under chat list, select ‘call phone’ link. A call window will appear in front of you. Now, enter your number you want to call. Use your keypad to enter numbers. Finally, click on call button. Without any congestion, your call will be made.